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Need a Conversation Piece? Drop Some Bones at This Public Dinosaur Auction

Need a Conversation Piece? Drop Some Bones at This Public Dinosaur Auction

If you’ve been saving up some cash for the perfect prehistoric accent to your living room, your day has just arrived! Get out your check books and break into those piggy banks, because Bonham’s in New York is about to auction off a whole bunch of dinosaur skeletons. Real ones.


If you’ve got an extra 700 to 900 thousand bucks laying around, this awesome mounted Triceratops could be be sitting in your living room, just begging to be dusted by Jeeves. 2.2 million bucks burning a hole in your pocket? Why not blow it all on this this mounted T-Rex skeleton and be the envy of all your pals? You just need a place to put it..

If these prices are sounding a bit steep for your more sensible spending habits, fear not, because  you don’t have to be a weird old billionaire to get in on the dinosaur fun. According to Bonham’s website there will be plenty of “affordable” goodies to go around that will make your Stonehenge replica look like a piece of crap.


If you have your heart set on a large Notogoneus or a Diplomystus, the bidding starts at two thousand bucks. But if you really can’t show your face around town without a dinosaur tail of your very own it’ll cost you 4,500 just to get in the game.

If you’re interested in joining the bidding war for the “coolest guy in the world” title, the Dinosaur Auction starts November 19th at Bonham’s New York location. Bonus points if you show up wearing your Doctor Grant hat.

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