Medical Marijuana Factory

candy factory turned medical marijuana factory!

1 Hershey Drive
Smiths Falls, ON K7A 1B2 CA

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Medical Marijuana Factory - This 470,000 square-foot chocolate factory has sat abandoned since 2008, when Hershey Canada closed its doors for the last time. As of October 2013 the building is in running to become one of Canada's top medical marijuana suppliers in the country. 

Tweed Inc has put an application in to Health Canada, with the intention of building a hydroponics facility set to grow government approved medical marijuana. The company hopes to open its doors April 2014, with 100 full-time employees. 

Changes to the official policies have made it easier for large-scale growers to grow and sell to the nearly 36,000 registered medical marijuana users in Canada. 

When the Hershey factory came to Smiths Falls in June of 1963, it brought jobs, tourists, and money to the town. When they shut down the factory, considered "the Willy Wonka Wonderland of Eastern Ontario" the jobs, the tourists and the money left. Now the smell of melted chocolate is being replaced by primo weed and Smiths Falls has a new opportunity for growth.

Medical Marijuana Factory 1 Hershey Drive Smiths Falls, ON K7A 1B2 CA

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