Kill Joy's Kastle

Lesbian Feminist Haunted House

303 Landsdowne Avenue
Toronto, ON M4B 1B3 CA


Kill Joy's Kastle - Created by Canadian feminist, Allyson Mitchell, the Lesbian Feminist Haunted House is an art exhibit that will be showing October 16th to the 30th, Downtown Toronto area. 

The exhibit is a direct response to the conventional Halloween "hell house" stereotype that warns children about the sins of abortion, suicide sex, and same-sex relationships that modern media perpetuates in horror films. 

Each Hallowe’en radical evangelical groups all over the USA and Canada build hell houses. This Hallowe’en Toronto artist Allyson Mitchell reclaims this hellish scenario with her crowd-sourced, lesbian-feminist, queer-fear-fighting celebration Kill Joy’s Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House located at 303 Landsdowne Avenue Toronto.

Wrapping this American Gothic Hell House tradition with yard upon illustrated, elaborately decorated yard of spirited craft aesthetic, Mitchell mobilizes her “deep lez” commitment to radical queer world-making potential.  Through it, she conjures new kinds of representations of feminist sexuality and queer concepts of community and activism. Rug-hooked, crocheted, and paper maché’d constructions are womb-like wonders for visitations of the undead lesbian community, who are hell-bent on remaining nightmarishly non-assimilated. Casting the spells of freaky feminist skill sharing and paranormal consciousness raising together with ghouls, bio-engineered monsters, indoctrinators, and avengers, this hell house is designed to pervert, not convert. 

Kill Joy's Kastle 303 Landsdowne Avenue Toronto, ON M4B 1B3 CA

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