These days, urban-dwellers are more drawn to green space than ever. There aren’t many parks currently in Turkey’s biggest city… but not for long. Enter: the Parkorman natural adventure park, a massive park that’s in the works to rectify the lack of natural space, and it looks like it’s going to be epic.

Parkorman in Istanbul from Dror on Vimeo.

Parkorman is going to be half forest, half adventure park. The studio behind the massive undertaking is DROR, and their concept art is, in a word, insane. They want Parkorman to feel like “a love story between people and nature”.

“We set out to create a park that dissolves the anxiety and fear that often accompanies an unfamiliar environment through a network of conditions that fosters unconditional love. We imagined the most profound experience delivered through the lightest touch; an effort that preserves the lush forest and leaves every tree in place, as mandated by the city.”

The plan is to have five distinct “areas” connected by paths that meander among trees through the forest. The first area visitors will encounter is The Plaza, a gathering space at the entrance. The Loop, with its swings and hammocks among the trees, will be great for relaxation. Giant ball pits will fill The Pool, inspired by the colorful and bustling environment of a Turkish spice market.

The Grove offers a maze-like trail line with sculptures through the forest. Visitors can also experience The Fountain of Clarity, a ceiling-less room where all the walls are waterfalls. But, The Chords looks to be the most epic spot of all. Winding pathways ascent into the trees, trampolines interspersed throughout.

Istanbul’s Parkorman, which will be located in a forest 6 miles from the city center, is still being built. We don’t know when it will open. But, when it’s finished, it’s sure to become an instant success.

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