Hundreds of natural sandstone arches, dramatic cliffs, dense forest, rugged rivers, and babbling waterfalls; it goes without saying that the Red River Gorge in Kentucky is a pretty special, and totally stunning, spot. Seriously, words can’t do justice to the unique beauty here. It’s a place that has to be experienced… and if you’re looking to really and truly experience the Gorge, camping out is the best way to do it.

Red River Gorgeous Wilderness Cabin Retreat offers some of the best rustic rentals in the Daniel Boone National Forest. From upscale cabins to hidden, off-the-grid gems, they’ve got something for everyone. But, their most sought-after offerings are their two treehouses. These things are stunners. Even the most indoorsy couch potato will be tempted outdoors to experience a night in one. Meet the Sylvan Float and The Observatory.

Sylvan Float

The Sylvan Float treehouse is lower off the ground, making it a serene and relaxing place to stay. A swinging bridge leads to a cabin with a wraparound porch, a heated room with a sleeping loft, and a little kitchen area. The views are perfection, and the aesthetic of the cabin is spot on. Oh, and did I mention the sunken hammock built right into the wraparound porch? Honestly, the only downside to staying here is probably admitting to yourself that you’ll have to eventually leave. The cost is about $150-$165 a night for a stay here.

The Observatory

The Observatory is the other treehouse. A whopping 50 feet off the forest floor, you’ll have to climb more than 200 steps to reach the cabin. Three rooms are connected by floating walkways and ship’s ladders, which are reminiscent of childhood treehouses. Once you reach the top, you can use the kitchen crane to hoist up supplies and gear. There’s a small kitchen, and two bedrooms; the open air gear room can sleep two people in addition to the glass-ceiling master bedroom. Yep, there’s a glass ceiling in the bedroom. And, you can even charge your phone off the solar array available here. The views aren’t the only reason why this treehouse is called “The Observatory”. This rental also boasts a high-powered telescope for unbeatable views of the night sky. To stay here, the cost is between $250-$300 a night… but it’s well worth it.

If you’re interested in making your treehouse fantasies come true, or just want a weekend escape in an incredibly beautiful place, check out Red River Gorgeous Cabins and book a rental.

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