The Swiss town of Bergün is apparently one of the world’s most beautiful. At least, its residents seem to think so. That’s why the village council recently voted to ban tourists from taking photos, on pain of a five euro fine. Oh, but don’t worry. It’s all for a good cause.

You see, according to science, posting pictures of a place as beautiful as Bergün would depress social media followers who can’t be there themselves. So, really, the law is for the good of the internet. Of course, news of the new law (which has kind of gone viral) has been accompanied by loads of beautiful pictures of the village. Funny how that works. The village has gone so far as to remove many images of the town from its own social media accounts, and the tourism board cordially invites everyone to come experience Bergün’s beauty for themselves.

It’s nice of them to have everyone’s social media followers’ best interests at heart, but the law is most likely a marketing stunt. In fact, I’m almost positive it is, because the town’s director of tourism said in an interview that it’s unlikely anyone would be fined for taking pictures, anyways.

Regardless of their reasoning, and in the spirit of rebellion, here are some tourist-taken photos of the town.

It’s kinda pretty, I guess.