Nipton, California (population: 6) is a tiny gold-rush town on the California-Nevada border. While its prospecting heyday is long over, it might soon be attracting crowds again. But this time, it’s a rush of a different hue. Legal weed company American green sees potential for the virtual ghost town to become a California marijuana resort. They bought the town for $5 million with the hopes of making it into a weed-friendly California marijuana resort.

Why Nipton?

Nipton is actually almost a ready-made resort destination on its own. It has a working general store, solar farm, and 5-room hotel, along with a hot spring. American Green plans to keep the existing businesses running, and want to keep the Old West vibe as intact as possible. They even have a Western-y name picked out for their dispensary: The Apothecary. Plus, the town can be 100% off the grid, thanks to the solar farm. That means Nipton will be green-friendly in the environmental sense and in the weed sense. Plus, the fact that it’s only three hours from LA and one hour from Vegas doesn’t hurt.

What will the California’s coolest weed-friendly hotel look like?

American Green imagines their legal weed paradise to be all-inclusive. Of course, there will be the 420-friendly hotel and the dispensary. But, they also plan to (hopefully, eventually) offer tours of marijuana farms. And, of course, you can always take a post-joint dip in the natural spring. Their vision is to create a year-round, modern-day Woodstock. Or, as they so eloquently put it, the first-ever Pot Town, U.S.A. They also plan to use the land to produce some of their products. American Green also makes hemp water and oil, which they say contain the CBD that some scientists think to be therapeutic, without the psychoactive chemicals found in weed. In addition to the facilities to make everything from hemp water to edibles, and places to sell the goodies, there are plans for an artist-in-residence program in the works too. (Wait, where do I sign up for this?)

california marijuana resort 5 - Ghost town to turn into one of California's coolest weed-friendly hotels

via Flickr/Ken Lund

Of course, Pot Town, U.S.A is still a ways off. Nipton will need to incorporate and apply for a grower’s license before starting the farm. After that, it’ll take a bit for the farm and businesses to scale up. Of course, there are fears that the current political situation might hamper American Green’s green dream. So, only time will tell when the weed-friendly B&B will start to welcome guests and the new and improved Nipton will reach its final form.

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