Hall of Museums

Hall of Museums

In the Hall of Museums, discover America's best and most bizarre museums- from SPAM to questionable medical devices (and feel free to touch the exhibits!)

Musical Museums

Offbeat Museums

There will always be the Smithsonian, but the real fun comes with the, well, weird museums. Explore the history of everything from Bigfoot to Jell-O, garbage to mustard! If you think these places are normal, perhaps you're the weird one?

Art of the West

West of the Mississippi River sits some of the best art in the country. Depicting some of the amazing beauty of the west and the people that helped define it, come experience the west through art.

NH-MD: Children's Museums

Pack up the car and let the little ones explore and learn about the wonders of the world on this northeast road trip. From the Museum of Science in Boston to the Children's Museum at Holyoke, there's no shortage of educational fun in the northeast.

A Jurassic Journey

A trip to make even the oldest people feel young again. Take a journey back to a time when dinosaurs ruled the land. Discover the finest in fossils at the John Day Fossil Beds and gaze in wonder at real dinosaur bones.

Full Metal History

As long as people have been around, they've been feuding. This historical road trip takes you across the country and lets you see first hand the history of American warfare. Planes, tanks, muskets, and memorials - this journey has it covered.

Pearl Harbor Sites

Pay tribute to those who sacrificed so much on that December 7th morning and throughout the rest of World War II

Maritime History

Jurassic Road Trip

Offbeat & Bizarre Museums

Scientific America

Military Marvels