Halloween Haunts

Halloween Haunts

When there's no more room in hell...the dead will road trip.

Abandoned Theme Parks

Journey to America's creepiest abandoned amusement parks. Explore at your own risk!

Sexiest Haunted Hotels

These are your best bets for getting it on with a ghost.

Paranormal America

Take a trip to some of the most terrifying and infamous paranormal locations in America.

Haunted Northeast Hotels

These spooky hotels are said to have something super natural going on. If you want to find out for yourself this guide is for you. Taking you all over the northeast including Gettysburg Hotel where Civil War soldiers are said to haunt.

Haunted Hotels: The West

Some people like it when things go bump in the night. These hotels give those people a good chance at experiencing more than just a bump. Even stay at the hotel from The Shining. Just remember all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

United States of Horror

An epic cross country road trip through the United States of Horror! From haunted houses & hotels, to iconic horror movie filming locations.

Haunted Hotels: Midwest & Southeast

Let the spirits bid you goodnight at these haunted hotels in the midwest & southeast. Haunted hotels in Chicago, Atlanta, Charleston and more make up this fantastically freaky road trip. Goodnight, sweet spirit.

Haunted Hotels in New England

If you're okay with the idea that spirits may watch you as you sleep, follow along this Haunted Hotels in New England road trip. From the Sagamore to the Lizzie Borden B&B, you're sure to get in touch with your paranormal side at these haunted hotels.

Pacific Northwest Pumpkin Patches

A handpicked guide to the best Pacific Northwests pumpkin patches.

Best Pumpkin Patches in the Northeast

Take a trip to some of the greatest Pumpkin Patches located in the Northeast!

The Six Best Midwest Corn Mazes

Get into the autumn spirit by visiting some of the very best corn mazes that the midwest has to offer. Plus, enjoy hayrides, pumpkin patches, hot apple cider, and more!

The Extraterrestrial Highway

If you believe aliens are real, then this trip is for you. Area 51, Roswell, the Black Mailbox.. all can be found on this UFO crash site-laden road trip, complete with a stop at the Little A'Le'Inn.

Haunted Plantations

Haunted Houses

The Scariest Haunted Houses in America!

Ghost Town USA

Iconic Horror Film Sites

America's most terrifying horror movie filming locations.

The Truth Is Out There

Abandoned Theme Parks

Abandoned Ruins

Haunted Hotels

Haunted America