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Rig Roundup: The Best RVs for Working Remotely

Working remotely is here to stay, and manufacturers are introducing rig floor plans designed to meet the needs of those combining work with adventure.

Important Features to Consider When Purchasing an RV with a Workstation 

Work Style and Work Station Setup 

Perhaps the most important factors to consider when purchasing an RV for remote work are your work style and job or school demands. Are you someone who enjoys a traditional desk setup or are you comfortable curling up in a chair with your laptop? Do you typically have a day full of video calls? Do you thrive off of a quiet environment or can you work through background noises?

Those who prefer a more traditional office environment or travelers with overlapping meeting schedules will need to consider larger RVs with dedicated workspaces and storage areas that are removed from the rig’s common areas.

Power Sources 

RV travelers who frequent public lands are acutely aware of their energy consumption and often use solar energy to power their remote offices. However, those transitioning to remote work or purchasing a new RV should take inventory of the type of devices they’ll be using for work, including laptops and power-hungry monitors, for those times when they won’t be connected to shore power. Also note the number of outlets needed within the rig.

Consider purchasing a rig that comes with a pre-installed solar package or is pre-wired for solar, along with an inverter that allows you to use 110-volt power.

Travel Days 

As you begin to plan your ideal remote work situation, take into account how often you plan to change locations. While moving frequently allows you to see more areas, it does present challenges if your job follows a traditional 9-to-5 schedule or if you have a work setup that requires storage during travel. Keep in mind that campgrounds and RV parks have a gap between when you can check out and check in. A smaller rig will allow more flexibility in finding locations to park and work during these hours.

Person working from desk inside an RV
Photo: Alyssa Padgett

Connectivity and Mobile Internet 

Workplace digitalization and improved technology allow people to work remotely, but a reliable connection can be hard to come by in nature. While most RV parks offer WiFi, service is often spotty and depends on your location within the park and the number of fellow campers.

Cellular internet provides the most options for connecting on the road but presents challenges with variable signals and performance. Savvy remote workers will select multiple carriers, such as Verizon and AT&T, to ensure widespread nationwide coverage across devices, and may consider boosting coverage with an external cellular antenna or cellular booster.

When booking a camping spot, sites like Campendium typically have reviews that include the level of cellular service to expect.

RVs with Workstations Remote Workers Should Consider 

These rigs are sure to spark envy among cube-dwellers.

Corner office setup inside an RV
Photo courtesy of Airstream

Travel Trailer: Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Office Travel Trailer 

The newest addition to Airstream’s Flying Cloud line, the 30FB Office Travel Trailer delivers a well-designed dedicated office space with the comfort and attention to detail you expect from Airstream, including three windows, multiple USB ports, an office chair with travel belt, and upper storage cubbies mounted with dry-erase boards for note-taking or creative brainstorming.

UVW 6,804 pounds
GVWR 8,800
Hitch Weight 903 pounds (with LP and batteries)
Exterior Length 30 feet, 10 inches
Exterior Height 9 feet, 9 inches
Fresh Water Tank 52 gallons
Black Tank 35 gallons
Gray Tank 41 gallons
MSRP Starting at $125,500


In addition to doubling as backup sleep space, the office’s blackout curtains provide privacy and help reduce glare, while a sound-deadening divider reduces ambient noises from the rig’s common areas. The luxury travel trailer also comes pre-wired with Airstream Connected for enhanced cellular connectivity (additional monthly charges apply).

More information on this RV with a workstation can be found here.

Workstation set up in front of a van
Photo courtesy of Winnebago

Campervan: Winnebago Travato 59K 

As one of the top-selling campervans in North America, the Travato 59K is designed for the RVer who favors adventure over a traditional work environment. The Travato’s interior—with bench seating and a pivoting table or pop-up table behind the front captain’s chairs provides multiple spaces for remote work while offering seating for up to six.

GCWR 12,000 pounds
GVWR 9,350 pounds
Tongue Weight (Rear Hitch) 350 pounds
Exterior Length 21 feet
Exterior Height 9 feet, 4 inches
Fresh Water Tank 25 gallons
Black Tank 12 gallons
Gray Tank 13 gallons
MSRP Starting at $175,292


With smaller rigs, space is the biggest commodity. Workstations double as kitchen prep areas and happy hour backgrounds. The Travato 59K floor plan keeps your laptops and peripherals safely and securely stored in the flip-down overhead storage baskets.

More information on this RV with a workstation can be found here.

Fifth Wheel: KZ Durango Gold Full-Timer’s Desk Option

Offered as an optional replacement for the table and chairs in several of KZ’s Durango Gold models, the Full Timer’s Desk Option provides desk space for two and hidden storage compartments, with plenty of room for larger computer setups or creative projects. Designed with modern amenities, fixtures, and a 76-gallon fresh water tank, this fifth wheel lineup provides all the comforts of home, making it easy to transition to life on the road.

UVW 11,650 to 13,999 pounds
GVWR 14,995 to 16,200 pounds
Hitch Weight 2,490 to 2,900 pounds
Exterior Length 35 feet, 6 inches to 42 feet, 5 inches
Exterior Height 13 feet, 6 inches
Fresh Water Tank 76 gallons
Black Tank 50 gallons
Gray Tank 90 to 100 gallons
MSRP Starting at $129,903
Floor plan of large travel travler with desk option
The Durango Gold G356RLQ floor plan. | Photo courtesy of KZ Recreational Vehicles


An off-grid solar package is available as an add-on, providing you the option to boondock more easily.

More information on this RV with a workstation can be found here.

Couch and table set up inside a van
Photo courtesy of Roadtrek

Class B: Roadtrek Zion 

Presenting the comfort of a motorhome with the spirit of adventure, the nimble Roadtrek Zion provides an open concept design with a large center aisle that’s perfect for storing your adventure gear. Getting in a few hours of work before your hike is easy with a flip-up counter extension with a charging station, pop-up table between the two couches, or swivel table behind the front captain’s chairs.

UVW 9,350 pounds
GVWR 11,500 pounds
Tongue Weight (Rear Hitch) 400 pounds
Exterior Length 20 feet, 9 inches
Exterior Height 9 feet, 5 inches
Fresh Water Tank 37 gallons
Black Tank 8.5 gallons
Gray Tank 14 gallons
MSRP Starting at $165,410


Designed for those with off-grid dreams, the Roadtrek Zion is equipped with 330 watts of solar and an underhood generator.

More information on this RV with a workstation can be found here.

Back bunk room in an RV that converts to a desk area
Photo courtesy of Venture RV

Travel Trailer: Venture SportTrek Touring STT343VIB 

Flexibility is king with the VentureSportTrek Touring’s new STT343VIB floorplan. Featuring a specialty room that converts to a four-person bunk, king bedroom with two bunks, or a remote office and classroom with an oversized desk and two bunks, this luxury fifth wheel can accommodate up to 10 people. It’s an excellent choice for larger families looking to embrace kinesthetic learning or homeschooling.

UVW 8,950 pounds
GVWR 10,788 pounds
Hitch Weight 1,210 pounds
Exterior Length 38 feet, 2 inches
Exterior Height 11 feet, 6 inches
Fresh Water Tank 45 gallons
Black Tank 32 gallons
Gray Tank 32 gallons
MSRP Starting at $74,540


Families (or anyone wanting to avoid a trip to the laundromat) will love the residential washer and dryer. More information on this RV with a workstation can be found here.

Interior view of an RV with a fold down table for working
Photo courtesy of Tiffin

Class A: Tiffin Allegro RED 37 BA

Luxury abides in the Tiffin Allegro Red Class A Motorhome. In addition to top-of-class amenities, such as dual bathroom vanities and handcrafted cabinetry, this luxury motorhome offers two configuration options for remote workers, including a booth dinette or a two-person dining bar/desk with additional storage.

GCWR 47,320 pounds
GVWR 37,320 pounds
Tongue Weight 10,000 pounds
Exterior Length 38 feet, 6 inches
Exterior Height 12 feet,10 inches
Fresh Water Tank 90 gallons
Black Tank 50 gallons
Gray Tank 70 gallons
MSRP Starting at $400,464


For comfortable full-time living, add the optional stacked washer and dryer and central vacuum system.

More information on this RV with a workstation can be found here.

Travel Trailer: Ember RV Overland 221MSL

One of the most versatile models with a remote workstation is the new Ember RV Overland 221MSL. What makes this rig unique is a 74-inch by 46-inch rear storage/living space that utilizes the Embertrack E-Track Bunk/Storage System, which converts from bunk beds to a desk to a large cargo bay. Travelers can even add a hammock. Open the storage locker door to easily load oversized items. Then, pull down the screen to create a large window behind the desk.

Hitch Weight TBD
Exterior Length 26 feet, 1 inch
Exterior Height 10 feet, 4 inches
Fresh Water Tank 55 gallons
Black Tank 35 gallons
Gray Tank Gray Tank 35 gallons
MSRP Starting at $66,090
Floor plan of travel trailer with living area, bunk area, and wet bath
Photo courtesy of Ember Recreational Vehicles


The 221MSL comes standard with a 200-watt solar power system, and multiple outlets are wired to operate through the inverter, making it easier to work while off the grid.

Learn more about this versatile RV with a remote workspace here.

Class A: Fleetwood RV Frontier GTX 37RT

This Class A diesel motorhome features a dedicated corner office (available as an upgrade), providing a private, cozy workspace. An L-shaped desk looks out a large window and has ample storage drawers and electrical outlets. A hanging television can work as an extra monitor.

UVW 43,400 pounds
GVWR 33,400 pounds
Tongue Weight (Rear Hitch) 10,000 pounds
Exterior Length 37 feet, 11 inches
Exterior Height 12 feet, 10 inches
Fresh Water Tank NA
Black Tank NA
Gray Tank NA
MSRP Starting at $400,000
Floor plan of Class A motorhome with workspace area
Photo courtesy of Fleetwood RV


A total of three 15,000 British thermal unit air conditioners ensure this motorcoach stays cool.
More information on this RV with a dedicated office can be found here.

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