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Editor in Chief Nick Jaynes on why roadtripping is back, and what that means for you

By Nick Jaynes

Illustration by Fallon Venable. | Photos: Shutterstock

Road trips have reentered the social zeitgeist. If pressed, I could posit plenty of reasons for the recent resurgence in popularity of road trips: Fuel prices are low. Airline travel has become downright draconian. And apps like Instagram have given increased social value to—and made tangible and collectable—experiences. After all, if we don’t Instagram it, did it really happen?

Regardless of the reason, roadtripping is back. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

That’s because road trips give us a chance to take a breath, pause, and give travel the time and respect it deserves. In your car, you can’t cross continents in a matter of hours. From the front seat, looking through the windshield, you’re forced to lay eyes on every piece of the country.

What’s more, roadtripping gives us a chance to detour both literally and figuratively from our normal lives and preconceived notions. This awards us opportunity to see new places, experience distinct cultures, and—perhaps most importantly—connect with people and build relationships.

To me, that’s what roadtripping really boils down to: relationships. Be it the relationships we forge with our travel partners, our vehicles, or the people and places we encounter on the road, relationships are what bring meaning to roadtripping. Relationships make trips memorable. Points of Interest (POI) are what inspire you out on the road, but people are what give them depth.

It’s this core belief about the importance of relationships in roadtripping that will inform and shape all the content and stories on Roadtrippers Magazine, from our features to our trip guides. We will put people front and center of road trip storytelling. At the same time, we’ll plant our flag in the soil, and underscore Roadtrippers as the iconic road trip brand.

With that, let me welcome you to Roadtrippers Magazine.



Nick Jaynes
Editor In Chief

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