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“The point of a road trip 
is not to find the more 
efficient route, but to
 make more interesting stops.”

Roadtrippers Magazine is on a never-ending journey to celebrate road culture, americana, and the great outdoors.

When we are at our best, our stories shine a light on the people, places, and journeys that perfectly intersect popular culture and the obscure.

We aim to become the antidote to insta-tropes and ‘travel porn.’ We want to tell real stories that show road trips for what they really are: Good old-fashioned fun that’s sometimes challenging, often eye-opening, and always worth it.

We are always looking for new writers and content creators to join our growing cadre of contributors and help us tell new and amazing stories from the North American road.

We pay rates that are competitive with other online publications. If a story needs extra research or travel, we can factor those costs in by negotiation.

Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting an idea.

Currently, only pitches focused on the U.S. and Canada will be accepted. 

Content types

We have three main content types (but we realize that not every pitch will fit neatly into one of these buckets): Features, Profiles, and News.   

Our flagship content, feature stories are deep, fun, and engaging first-person accounts of places, people, events, experiences, or trips.
Inside the intense, women-only off-road rally that covers 1,600 miles of desert—no GPS allowed
Whittled, rotted, and abandoned: How Bombay Beach has gone from apocalyptic wasteland to offbeat art hub

Profiles focus on interesting, weird, or offbeat locations and the people behind them.
Inside Desert Oracle, a post-apocalyptic field guide to the fringes of the Mojave Desert
Step into a forgotten part of American automotive history at Campo’s ‘rusty truck museum’

We’re interested in timely, relevant news stories covering all aspects of motorized tourism, americana, the great outdoors, and adventure.
You probably shouldn’t visit a national park right now (but here’s what you can do to help)
Baby on board: This infant just became the youngest person to visit all 50 states

What we’re looking for

• U.S. and Canada-focused stories
• Stories you have first-hand experience of
• Ideas that tell the surprising, unexpected, or untold story of a place, person, event, route, etc.
• Interesting, relevant news on road travel and road culture; parks, attractions, routes, people, vehicles, events, and so on
• Original photography for features and profiles
• Interviews with unique characters
• Stories on americana and the great outdoors, including national parks, Route 66, roadside attractions, abandoned places, camping, museums, and more


What we’re NOT looking for

• Listicles, roundups, clickbait, or anything content farm-y (along the lines of  “5 epic road trip destinations you HAVE to visit”)
• International travel (outside North America), air travel
• Vague ideas without a clear hook (“I just drove down the PCH, want me to write a story about it?”)
• Reports from places that are impossible to visit or trips that are impossible to take
• Stories that could be written by anyone with a search engine
• Fiction


Seasonal content

We welcome creative pitches specifically geared toward something seasonal or timely. These are our current theme weeks and content target dates:
4-11 Mar – Universal Women’s Week
20-28 April – National Parks Week
1 May – Small Business Week
27 May – Memorial Day / Start of Summer
4 July – Independence Day
26 Sep – 2 Oct – Fall Foliage Week
31 Oct – Halloween Season
Late Nov – Thanksgiving
Dec – Christmas / Holiday Season


Some general guidelines

Tell Good Stories

Roadtrippers Magazine’s number one aim is to tell good stories, through whatever format and angle fits the narrative at hand. We cover the coolest places and events across the country, but with a focus on characters, color, creativity, and interesting plots.

Have a Point of View
Don’t pitch a story unless it has a clear angle. If you want to write about a road trip you went on, we need to know why it would be interesting to our readers. If you can’t sum up the trip in one neat, catchy headline, it’s probably not a great fit.

Offer a Different Perspective
We value diverse perspectives, both geographically and culturally. Road travel is so much more than what the typical Instagram influencer crowd makes it out to be.

In Short
If you wouldn’t talk about it with your friends over a beer, don’t write about it.

To submit your pitch, please use the form below. We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with Roadtrippers Magazine before pitching, so you know what types of content we may be looking for.

We read all pitches, but due to the volume we are unable to respond to all of them. If your idea sounds interesting, we will reach out (typically within two weeks).

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