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Blackwell's Ice Cream Truck - Blackwell’s Organic is NJ’s first certified organic, dairy-free gelato and fruit sorbetto manufacturer. The company - headquartered in Long Branch – was started by Marcia and Tom Blackwell in 2005. Blackwell’s Organic is dedicated to using ingredients that come from farmers and suppliers devoted to sustainable agriculture, resource conservation, and fair trade. 

The classic, healthful frozen desserts are made in the Italian tradition, using the highest quality certified organic ingredients including Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate, cocoa, coffee, and sugar, and real fruit and fruit juice. Blackwell’s Organic is the only frozen dessert company to have at least one FairTrade Certified ingredient in every flavor.

“Flavor is number one with us,” says Marcia. “Often consumers find our product because they are looking for an organic or FairTrade alternative or perhaps they are vegan, lactose intolerant or have other dietary restrictions. Our customers stay with us because our gelato tastes delicious. They also respect our personal and corporate ideals.”

With everyone on a special diet because of food allergies, health concerns or personal choice every host and hostesses is left with the dilemma of what to serve. Blackwell’s Organic gelatos and sorbettos offer delicious gourmet frozen desserts your whole family will love.

Blackwell’s Organic can be found in gourmet and specialty retailers in NY, NJ and PA and CT, including Whole Foods. You can also purchase our products via mail order. We ship anywhere in continental USA with FEDEX and dry ice.

Blackwell’s Organic Raspberry Sorbetto was awarded the sofi Gold for Outstanding USDA-Approved Organic Product by the National Association of the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT). In April 2008 the company received the Reader’s Choice Award for Local Hero-Food Artisan by Edible Jersey Magazine.

Blackwell's Ice Cream Truck New York , New York 10162 US

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