Oregon Essential Info


Home to gorgeous mountains, incredible national parks, and legendary costal drives, Oregon is easily one of the most beautiful states in America. Whether you're looking to spend the day hiking the Ten Falls Canyon Trail, visit some of the most delicious vegan boutiques, or sample some of the best craft beer in the country (over 130 brewers!), a visit to Oregon has something for everyone.


Best Time To Go

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May-Jun, Sep-Oct

Fun Facts

  1. Oregon has more ghost towns than any other state.
  2. Over 10,000 naked cyclists take part at theWord Naked Bike Ride held in Portland, Oergon annually.
  3. Oregon has one city named Brothers and another called Sisters.
  4. The very first wiki website was created in 1994 in Portland, Oregon.
  5. Oregon is where you will find the world’s tallest barber shop pole.

Popular Foods

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