Utah Essential Info


For those who think the desert is just miles of barren and empty land, allow the natural wonders of Utah to prove you wrong! Make sure to snag a permit to see the Subway at Zion, walk among the hoodoos at Bryce Canyon, look up at the unique rock formations at Arches National Park, Canyonlands, see red at Capitol Reef, or try some extreme water sports at Lake Powell. The Utah desert is anything but deserted!


Best Time To Go

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Apr-May, Sep-Oct

Fun Facts

  1. The Great Salt Lake in Utah is about 4 times saltier than any of the world’s oceans.
  2. Utah is the second-driest state in the country after Nevada.
  3. Brigham Canyon in Utah is the largest open-pit mine in the world.
  4. Salt Lake City, Utah, is home to the country's leading manufacturer of rubber chickens.
  5. Polygamy was practiced in Utah until it was banned in 1890 as a condition for granting statehood.

Popular Foods

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