An ice cream shop in the Philippines has come up with yet another exotic ice cream flavor that the adventurous can sink their teeth into: Crocodile ice cream. Sound unappealing? Don't worry, this tasty treat isn't exactly as bad as it sounds. Trust me, even the pickiest of eaters could be convinced to sample this delicacy. If you're imagining a croc-meat-flavored sundae (and probably gagging at the thought), fear not. The reason it's called crocodile ice cream is because they make it with crocodile eggs

Crocodile ice cream
Sweet Spot

The owners of the Sweet Spot in Davao City recieved some surplus crocodile eggs from an uncle, who happens to own the Davao Crocodile Park. They decided to add the eggs to their ice cream recipe and ended up with icy, creamy goodness. In fact, since croc eggs are 80% yolk, they have more nutrients than chicken eggs, making crocodile ice cream slightly healthier than your average cone. Plus, they add delicious flavors (like chocolate, cookies, and fruit) to the crocodile-egg base. Hey, any excuse to eat more ice cream, right?

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Via Daily Mail