By: Lindsey Hogan

The Cold War Era was full of uncertainty and fear. There was constant panic- instead of tornado or fire drills there were nuclear missile drills in schools. (Quick aside, it seems kind of silly to have nuclear missile drills). Regardless, the U.S. built several missile silos around the country to house these monstrous war weapons and ready them in case of an attack. After the Strategic Arms Limitations Talk, though, the missiles and their silos were a moot point- they were useless. The controllers moved out and all that is left are eerie underground hallways and tunnels…sounds weirdly of awesome right? Here are two abandoned missile silos that still stand today.

1. Titan I Missile Silo

Deer Trail. CO

This underground missile shelter in Deer Trail, Colorado is anywhere from 30 to 60 acres filled with launch silos for each Titan I missile and several controller rooms. Thinking about the fact that missile silos could be right below your feet is a little strange.

2. Atlas-F Missile Silo


This abandoned missile silo has turned into a bit of a conundrum. In its Cold War life, it housed weapons of destruction…now it’s been re-decorated to house a family. Nestled in the stunning Adirondack State Park in New York, this missile silo has under gone a unique transformation and, believe it or not, is a hot real estate property. The property even has a private airstrip.


This is what it looks like now!


Lindsey is raising funds to buy Atlas-F and have foot races along the airstrip. Find her on Pinterest!



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Complex 2-B-

Atlas-F- (before photo)

(after photo)