Airstreams are just plain sexy… All those rivets. All that shiny aluminum. They’re proof that good design paired with quality manufacturing can stand the test of time, and generation after generation of travelers have lusted after them. The luckiest of you have one hooked to the back of your truck as we speak, but for the rest of us, we just live with this insatiable lust. It’s torture really… Well, Airstream 2 Go has come to our rescue. Now you can actually rent an Airstream for your next great adventure.

Airstream 2 Go’s Founder and CEO, Dicky Riegel, lays out the program:

Airstream 2 Go is indeed unique as it is the exclusive, Airstream-authorized source for rental Airstreams.  Each beautiful Airstream trailer comes fully equipped and accessorized, complete with a custom-matched Chevrolet Tahoe or GMC Yukon tow vehicle.

Clients can choose between  28’ or 23’ trailers, each sleeping 6 and 4, respectively. Loaded up in each trailer is everything you’d need to “Live Riveted” and enjoy your trip. Riegel says:

We have provided all the good stuff, including Egyptian cotton sheets and duvets, cotton/bamboo towels, high-end cutlery, BBQ grills, power awnings, camping chairs and tables, and everything else you might need for a fantastic Airstream journey.

With base camps in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Montana, Airstream 2 Go is the perfect option for a family wanting to have a true western vacation in an American classic. When it comes to where to go with your fully-loaded SUV and trailer, they have you covered there too with custom-designed journey itineraries from Off the Beaten Path. Of course, they also offer a “Take it and go,” option for those of you who know exactly where you want to adventure in your Airstream.

Sample 9-day California Adventure from Airstream 2 Go:

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 5.14.44 PM

You’ll start in sunny Los Angeles where you’ll hop in your Tahoe or Yukon, already hitched to your Airstream. From there you head out for a couple days of guided fun in Yosemite National Park. After exploring one of America’s most beloved national parks, you’ll head for the coast where you’ll take in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean from the quaint Carmel-by-the-Sea. Enjoy some kayaking around the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center before heading down the Pacific Coast Highway (quite possibly the most legendary drive in North America) toward Big Sur and Hearst Castle. Finally, round out your final couple days by hopping down to the beach in Santa Barbara for some laid-back California dreamin’ before returning to LA.

Just like that, you’ve had an unforgettable 9 days. Of course, they have some sample itineraries for their Las Vegas and Montana hubs as well. See all three on their website.

When it’s all said and done, Airstream 2 Go is a no-brainer for city dwellers that want an Airstream experience without having to deal with storing a trailer year-round or for folks that may love Airstreams, but can’t justify the cost of owning one. For many Airstream 2 Go becomes the perfect special occasion gift to the family.

For others, however, Airstream 2 Go is more like test driving a car at the dealership… Riegel elaborates:

We have been fortunate to have introduced many, many travelers to the Airstream experience through their rentals with Airstream 2 Go, and several have gone on to purchase Airstream trailers.  As further evidence of the strong partnership between Airstream 2 Go and Airstream, Inc, a $1,000 rebate is offered to purchasers of Airstream trailers within six months of their rental.  

Whether you’re “testing” an Airstream with hopes of buying or just grabbing an SUV and trailer for a few days to get a tasted of the riveted life, Airstream 2 Go has an option that’ll work for you. They also have an option for every budget… A 3 day “Take It & Go” trip during off-peak season (roughly October to mid-March each year) in a 23’ Airstream comes in just under $2,000 while a two-week custom-planned adventure in a 28’ trailer during peak season maxes out at $15,750.

Just think, you could experience America in an Airstream for under $2,000. Oh won’t all your Instagram followers be jealous of those pictures.

Wanted to check out more of the Airstream lifestyle? Try checking out Alumapalooza this spring at the Airstream Factory in Jackson Center, OH. It’s pretty much a 5-day party of aluminum goodness. Check out this awesome video on it here


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