There are only three musical roads in the world. They’re located in Korea, Japan and America. At first America’s musical road, located in Lancaster, California was built as a commercial, but it became a hit with the locals that they decided to keep it, but not until after it drummed up a bit of controversy.

The 1/4-mile long, Civic Musical Road was built on September 5, 2008 on Avenue K in Lancaster, California. The stretch of road between 60th Street West and 70th Street West had special grooves that were cute into the asphalt which, when driven over, played the Finale of the William Tell Overture. Just a few weeks after it was built residents complained to the city council about the level of noise and the road was unceremoniously paved over. 


When you visit stay on the far left lane of Avenue G, going westbound. It’s preferable if you drive 35 MPH to hear the rhythm of the melody. Some people believe the designers miscalculated the groove spacings, others say you just gotta hit the Honda Civic Musical Highway road going at 35 MPH to hear it best. Then, because people are so silly, more residents started complaining that it wasn’t there anymore, so two weeks later they re-built the road a bit further down on Avenue G between 30th Street West and 40th Street West. The new location was a couple miles away from where people lived and it was named Honda Civic Musical Highway. 


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