The Yellow King lives! Some spooky new graffiti straight out of True Detective mysteriously appeared on a wall in Kentish Town, London over the weekend, but who painted it, and why?


Ripped straight from HBO's amazing series about Louisiana detectives embroiled in an occult mystery, the image shows a nude woman with antlers juxtaposed next to a creepy bible verse about becoming clean. The image popped up on a wall near a construction site off Weedington Road, but it freaked out locals so much that it didn't last very long.


So, who painted the graffiti and for what purpose? Is a copycat killer on the loose? While the appearance of the painting seems ominous, you can probably rest easy, as it "coincidentally" popped up on the day of True Detective's Blu-Ray release. 

While the image might have been whitewashed, you can still walk in the steps of the Yellow King by visiting True Detective's most iconic filming locations, including the mysterious Carcosa. Check out the whole True Detective trip here!