An unmanned drone recently stumbled upon this abandoned Renaissance Faire in Fredericksburg, Virginia (with the use of a quadcopter and TBS Discovery with Naza GPS). The drone provides an amazing overview of this decaying fairground, hidden deep in the Virginia woods (sorta, I mean it's off a main road, and relatively easy to get to).

Here's the video, it's short and pretty damn rad:

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 7.02.50 PM

The backstory...


George Washington’s mother once owned the land here, and not long after the Washingtons moved on to greener pastures a Renaissance Faire sprouted up. The area itself is called “Sherwood Forest”, because duh! The Ren-Faire was in operation from 1996 until it tanked from low ticket sales in 1999. The property has been decaying ever since.

From the looks of the drone video, it’s a pretty epic abandoned fairground, with loads of huge buildings still standing in pretty good condition, though a lot more weedy than before. There’s even an abandoned ship sitting in a moat. There are towers, a jousting arena, a bar with built-in kegs, and of course the obligatory graffiti and paintball vandalism.

Should you venture out to the fairgrounds, douse yourself in bug spray as the area is a notorious breeding ground for ticks. Oh yeah, and wear orange if you visit during hunting season. In the meantime, let’s hope this drone doesn’t bomb the shit out* of this abandoned Ren-Faire. Or maybe that’d be a good thing…lots of ill-fitted corsets roamed those woods. 

*Obviously I know it's not THAT kind of drone. Jeez.


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