Grab a flashlight and see if you can survive some the most haunted places in the Midwest! Mackinac Island, Michigan is said to be the most haunted city in Michigan. SyFy’s Ghost Hunters recently visited the island, where they explored Mission Point haunted by an old student who committed suicide. Check out Haunts of Mackinac to explore haunted sites from bed and breakfasts to cemeteries.

Try visiting the most haunted college in America, Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. The small college town is alive with various haunted places. Some of the hot spots include Ohio University, Athens Old State Mental Hospital, and the five cemeteries surrounding the town that allegedly make the shape of a pentagram.

If you’d rather have a drink with some ghosts check out Bobby Mackey’s in Wilder, Kentucky. Bobby Mackey’s was named the most haunted nightclub in America. Restless spirits from numerous murders at the nightclub are always waiting to have a drink.

Take on an entire town in Decatur, Illinois. The town was built over old Indian burial grounds, and received the name “Hell’s Half Acre” after its reputation for gambling, prostitution, murders, and scandals. Decatur has also won awards for hosting the most authentic ghost tours.



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