Between cronuts and color-changing ice cream and all-bacon everything, weird food trends seem to be, well, a popular trend. LA's latest in bizarre eating? ChocoChicken, a restaurant that combines dessert and dinner by adding chocolate to just about everything on the menu.

Co-founder Adam Fleischman is no stranger to the trendy dining scene in Los Angeles; he helped found the popular hipster chain Umami Burger. ChocoChicken is a little more offbeat, though. The signature choco chicken is, allegedly, marinated in a top secret concotion that contains chocolate, tossed in a coating that has cocoa in it (also a top secret recipe) and fried. The chicken goes great with their white chocolate butter-infused mashed potatoes and their duck fat fries sprinkled with (you guessed it) a chocolate seasoning. Still not enough chocolate for you? Go ahead and douse it all in chocolate ketchup. They've also got a caramelized bacon biscuit, and don't forget dessert-- they serve up even more chocolate with their electric s'mores. Whew.

It seems like people are responding well to the actual food despite their surprise, giving it mostly positive reviews-- although whether or not this fad will ever move past novelty status remains to be seen. For adventurous eaters, it's definitely worth a try!