For most of us, a vacation is luxury.  We save all year, we pin our travel inspirations, then we pin our affordable travel inspirations, and we plan every last detail because this vacation needs to be perfect enough to hold us over through the next year.  As we get bogged down in money worries, kid concerns, and household chores, it becomes easy to decide to skip the vacation this year, and use our precious time off to get stuff done and save our money.  

Those are not bad impulses.  Sometimes a long trip just isn't possible.  But it's still important to use your vacation time to recharge and re-examine the world around you.  If it looks like a stay-cation is in the cards this year, make plans for a few local daytrips, and make at least one to a place you've never been before.  If your job makes it difficult to take a large chunk of time off at once, plan some weekend trips throughout the year.  

Saving money and using our time practically can be wonderful things.  But never leaving home can shrink our world down to nothing.  All the petty concerns of day-to-day living become bigger and bigger, and it becomes harder and harder to keep our lives in perspective.  The world is a big and wonderful place, and exploring it is good for our souls.  No one says we need a five-star European vacation.  But it's important to see life from a new perspective, and nothing's better for that than a little travel.