By: Holly Nardi


A cozy college town located along the beautiful shores of Lake Superior, Marquette MI is the ultimate summer destination.  It not only offers breathtaking scenery, but a relaxed vibe and a taste of the local hospitality.  A little bit of everything, Marquette MI will become your home away from home!

Hogback Mountain

Looking for a challenging mountain hike? Well, if you’re not sure your hiking skills are up to par, I’d suggest Sugarloaf Mountain.  It offers an easy trail and expert trail, along with wooden stairs to help you on your way to the top.  Though, if you’re looking for something a little more wild give Hogback Mountain a try.  Make sure to wear comfy shoes, because it’s a bit of a trek but definitely worth the stunning views!

Miners Castle

On the drive to Presque Isle make a pit-stop at Picnic Rocks for a picturesque view of the lake or park your car and stay for the sunset.  On either side of the rocks, you will be greeted by white sand beaches so take your pick for a nice stroll!  If you’re lucky, a ship will come in to fill up at the ore docks, it’s quite a sight.  Either way, its great pit stop on your way to Presque Isle or the Island, as us locals call it- maybe the most stunning place around town.

Black Rock

Presque Isle is home to many amazing spots, including Black Rocks.  Brave souls can often be seen jumping off the highest peaks but if this isn’t your style there’s also a ton to explore being that it’s surrounded by beaches and forests.  And if you continue to the other side of the island, you might catch some adrenaline-junkies surfing on Lake Superior and challenging it’s dangerous currents.

Little Presque Isle

Not to be confused with Presque Isle, Little Presque Isle is just a few miles past Sugarloaf Mountain. It’s the peaceful alternative to it’s big brother- Presque Isle.  This is the ideal spot if you want to avoid crowds and just enjoy the beach.  It’s a popular place to bring dogs and have secret late night bonfires…but shhh, don’t tell anyone!

Being a local- I’ve given you all my best kept secrets! Now that you have the best spots to hit, it’s just a roadtrip away to see the stunning views for yourself.  The best thing is…almost anything worth doing here…is free!  Bring your friends and your camera and you won’t be disappointed!



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