I know what you’re thinking to yourself. “There is no way that’s real, I’ve seen enough photoshops in my day to know when a picture is fake” but I can assure you this pink waterfall is 100% real. Located at Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, you can see this natural phenomenon for yourself every summer.


This unusual waterfall is located in Canada at Cameron Falls and if you’re lucky enough you can see an extremely rare phenomenon occur, the water turns pink. The cause of this special water color is not from an industrial accident at the Pepto Bismol Factory but a result of heavy rains stirring up a sediment called argolite. When light gets reflected this mineral the water turns into a beautiful pinkish-red.

1500_061 Cameron Falls

The odd color of the falls makes it a hot spot for photographers looking for a once in a lifetime photo opportunity. Photographers looking for the best time of the day to shoot should know the falls are particularly beautiful during sunset. To really make the most of your trip, I recommend visiting during the rainy season in order to increase your odds of catching a glimpse of the Tomato Soup colored water (just don’t try to dip any grilled cheese).


Since Spring is almost up you better get moving if you want a chance to see the falls in all their pink glory. All it takes is a short hike and you’ll be led right to the base. Don’t pass on this rare opportunity next time you’re in Canada.

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