The bottle opener is the magical key to unlocking the wonderful world of beer (well, good beer anyway) but not all bottle openers are created equal... Most are built for sheer functionality, but Racetrack Style's "Drive the Wheels Off," openers pop your top with an automotive twist.


If there are two things we love here at Roadtrippers it’s beer and anything automotive/road trippy. When we ran across these bottle openers, it was a no-brainer to give them a try.


In terms of “testing” the product, there isn’t much to say. Both the VW Bus and 1955 Nomad did what they were supposed to do: open a bottle of Mt. Carmel beer.

The openers themselves are 1/8” stainless steel and machined well- cool details such as door frames and even the Nomad’s roof lines. We only tested the VW and the Nomad, but they offer dozens of other makes and models from the old and obscure like the Tucker to the new and edgy like the Tesla.

At under $15 an opener, you won't waste all your beer money on the beer opener. Sure, your last bottle opener was probably free, but it also probably has the name of some local car insurance salesman on it. This is better.


The style and finish of the bottle openers are awesome. No debating that. The openers also adequately opened the bottles of beer. Check that box. So where does Racetrack Style go from here? Our biggest suggestions would be to make it easier to show off the openers. They’re too cool to be stuck in a drawer. Throw a little piece of leather through the rear windows and presto you have something to hang them from.


Our only other idea would be to offer an optional magnet on one side. We now have these two awesome bottle openers, but they’d look so much cooler stuck to our vintage fridge turned kegerator.


Side note about the beer:

For our testing we used one of our favorite local brews: Mt. Carmel. Located on the outskirts of Cincinnati, OH, Mt. Carmel is the area’s oldest microbrewery with a rich history and commitment to quality beer. Read more about Mt. Carmel.