Forget about psychic hotlines, fortune tellers and reiki healers! Save your cash and get attuned to the cosmic good-vibes at one of America’s most psychic destinations. They’re free, open to visitors, and frequented by peace lovin’ folks, eager to help you transcend your daily grind. Zen out at one of these mystical hotspots and align with your inner bliss!

Sedona Vortex (AZ)

The Red Rocks in Sedona have always been regarded as a very sacred place. Each year, thousands of people make the pilgrimage out to experience the “vortex” for themselves, which they believe are earth points that connect to healing powers. Oh yeah,and they’re supposed to enhance your psychic healing too.

Cassadaga Spirtualist Camp (FL)

Cassadaga is a tiny town in central Florida that might not seem so weird, except for the fact that it’s populated entirely by psychics. This commune was founded by George P. Colby and has quickly become one of the the most visited psychic destination in the world. Make sure to stop by the Cassadaga hotel, memorial temple and most importantly the Healing Center.


Ashville (NC)


Ashville is believed to be home to one of the most powerful vortexes in the country, and the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains’ are thought to be the center of all that psychic drama. With their trillions of tons of quartz-crystal formations acting to draw energies towards the town, there’s no denying that this spot is ripe for spiritual connectedness.


Lily Dale (NY)

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More than a quarter of the residents of Lily Dale, New York are self-described psychics. This spiritualist community has been alive and kicking since the late 1800′s, and today has become one of the most visited destinations for people looking to strengthen their psychic healing and mediumship. In other words, Lily Dale is the real life Hogwarts of the metaphysical, offering lectures and classes on any esoteric subject you could possibly desire.


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