By Allison Reuther

Not everything in the Hollywood business is made in the studio; some of the props, yes, and most of the backdrops, of course, but there are a few television shows that used actual buildings for their sets. Here are just a few TV settings that you can visit for real:

1. Cheers Pub


It’s a throwback of sorts, but the bar from Cheers actually does exist! The Bull and Finch Pub in Boston may just be the inspiration for Cheers, but that doesn’t stop people from going in and lounging in Norm’s chair. Recently, it’s been renamed after the show, so there’s no mistaking it!

2. John Marshall High School

John Marshall High School

Recognize this infamous school? That’s right, this is the school that Cory, Shawn, Topanga, and Mr. Feeny spent years inside of, causing all kinds of mayhem and learning life lessons at the same time. Located in Los Angeles, the John Marshall High School façade has been used dozens of times by many different filming companies (like in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Space Jam to name a few), but was made famous by Boy Meets World.

3. Brady Bunch House


There have been a few updates over the years, but this humble abode once housed one of the happiest bunches around, this is the Brady Bunch house in North Hollywood. Sadly, it was not designed by Mike Brady in real life.

4. Friends Apartment


If you’re an avid Friends watcher than you know just what this is; the legendary apartment building in New York City that the Friends friends all lived in.

5. Full House House

Full House

Okay, so replace the black front door with a red one and voila! You have the house from Full House! There is an actual family that lives in this San Francisco house now. You won’t Stephanie inside shouting “how rude!” or Uncle Jesse working on his hair, but if you knock on the door and ask really nicely they’ll let you take a picture!


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