Before you consider walking around Majorca with your tata's hanging out, be warned, you'll be fined up to £500. The City Council of Palma have determined bikini-clad tourists are just too damn sexy to be walking around all scantily-clad. So, fines are going to be doled out to dolled up sex kittens, flaunting their wares. The Council is also considering proposals to ban drinking alcohol on the streets. Oh the humanity! 

Other proposals include issuing fines for cycling on the pavement, as well as banning glass bottles and buckets on the beach. The laws are expected to be implemented by the end of May - just in time for the summer holiday season. The city's vice mayor, Alvaro Gijon, denied claims the new proposals were just a money-making scheme and said they were intended to promote good behaviour of locals and tourists in a bid to preserve "harmony and civility". - AOL Travel