There’s just something cool about anything vintage… Vintage cars, vintage furniture, and vintage clothing have been popular for several years now spurring hundreds of classic car shows and vintage boutiques across the country, but the coolest vintage trend in the country has to be the vintage RVing movement. From adorable “tin can”-style trailers to the beloved Airstream to vintage motorhomes, these classic travel machines are popping up everywhere, and it’s just plain awesome. Here’s why we think vintage RVs are just the bees-knees…

1. They’re so flippin’ cool…

From classic little teardrop campers to the retro (but futuristic) GMC motorhomes, there’s a size, decade, and style that suits your needs and looks incredible while doing it.


2. Owners become part of a big network of like-minded vintage RV lovers

Tin Can Tourists

Got the vintage RV bug? Well, you’re not alone. Meet the Tin Can Tourists, a club with thousands of fellow vintage RVers. By joining you’ll be in the know about dozens of annual vintage RV meets and events as well as be privy to tips and tricks for maintaining your vintage RV. Don’t have a vintage RV (yet)? No worries, Tin Can Tourists welcome non-owners and is a great resource for finding that perfect classic RV to buy. (Visit their webpage or consider joining their Facebook group of nearly 20,000 vintage RV addicts.)

3. You get to party with said like-minded vintage RV lovers...

Airstream’s Alumapalooza

Perhaps the most well-known and beloved vintage brand, Airstream, hosts an annual event called, “Alumapalooza,” where vintage RV lovers turn out in hoards. Held every year at the Airstream Factory in Jackson Center, OH, Alumapalooza is that glorious time of year when Airstream owners make a pilgrimage to the birthplace of their riveted beauties for 5 days of community, factory tours, seminars, and more. Don't have an Airstream? No worries! The event isn’t just for Airstream owners! Any brand of RV is welcome, but obviously its location at the Airstream factory tends to keep the crowd mostly Airstream branded.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.15.17 AM

Dozens and dozens of other incredible vintage RV events

You don’t have to look very hard to find an upcoming gathering of vintage RVers. Take Pismo Coast Village RV Resort for example… They host a vintage trailer rally every year on the 3rd Saturday of May. Just looking at the pictures will make your mouth water a bit… (Photo Credit: Pismo Vintage Trailer Rally/Facebook)


Tip: Don’t limit yourself to just vintage events! You can show off your sweet vintage RV at any of the multiple Good Sam events in 2015 from an exclusive Good Sam Club experience at the Lake Havasu City Balloon Festival to the Southern New England Family Fest at Normandy Farms. By being a Good Sam member you’ll score special rates at these events, have a great time, and make plenty of new friends.

4. You can still enjoy many of the same benefits of owning a newer RV

An RV is meant to be used and enjoyed. That typically means putting miles on the road as you see the country whether it be the beauty of our national parks like Yosemite and Yellowstone or heading south as a snowbird. The good news is you and your vintage RV are eligible for membership in Good Sam Roadside Assistance. By enrolling, you can ensure you have roadside assistance protection no matter where your travels take you.

Truth of the matter is you may be more prone to roadside disablements in your vintage RV because, well, it’s seen a lot more miles over the years. Good Sam Roadside Assistance gives you that peace of mind to hit the road with your classic RV.

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