Well, it was inevitable. We've fried butter, twinkies, oreos, snickers bars, ice cream, cookie dough, pizza, hamburgers, so it was only a matter of time before some mad, crazy geniuses created the world's first deep-fried alcohol drink. And yes, it will get you drunk.

The Business Standard is reporting that a couple from the United Kingdom are the geniuses (i.e. crazy, insane inventors) behind the artery-clogging alcohol treat:

The duo, John Clarkson and his wife Corinne from Preston, Lancashire, launched the colourful treats worth 3 pounds at a local event in which the treats got sold out quickly, Metro.co.uk reported. The weirdest treat, inspired from the traditional British sherry trifle, was made by soaking sponge in alcohol such as Bailey's and the strawberries and cream and cola varieties of Sidekick and also had sour apple schnapps in it.