England has given the world so many amazing and wonderful things over the years. The agricultural and industrial revolutions, mercantilism, parliamentary monarchy, Kipling, Darwin, Shakespeare, Harry Potter! And now, perhaps the greatest contribution of all...naked ping pong. And, bloody hell, it's brilliant!

London ping pong venue Bounce hosted what is claimed to be the world's first ever naked table tennis tournament this weekend. A private room at the Holborn club - on the very same site where table tennis was invented in 1901 - was used for the liberating event. - London Net

One of the models who participated in the first naked ping pong tournament, Stefan Johnson notes:

"I think as a group of friends we are all much closer now. We try to do something a bit different every time we get together but this probably tops our list" he said. "Despite being models we were all a little nervous at first but once we got into it there were no problems. I think we'll be talking about it for some time to come." - London Net

And here's favouritest quote from the ping pong-playing model:

"There were four guys and three girls and I think I speak for the men in particular when I say I'm just glad it was warm in there."

The founder of Bounce, Adam Breeden, has noted that the naked ping pong evening is just the tip of what's possible in the private room. He's intimated that what happens in the private room, stays in the private room. If you catch his drift: "In the private room anything goes - I'm interested to see which booking will top a naked ping-pong evening."

World's first ever naked ping pong tournament is the sexiest way to pong