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Akron Civic Theatre

182 S. Main St, Akron, Ohio 44308 USA

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“An entertainment facility and paranormal hotspot!”

We are a entertainment facility in Downtown Akron, Ohio that caters to all types of entertainment from local and regionaly produced entertainment to national and international touring productions. Long recognized among the community’s cultural landmarks, the Akron Civic Theatre has a rich and spectacular history. It has provided the community with a venue for quality entertainment and live performances for over seventy years. During that time, hundreds of thousands of people have been thrilled by various theatrical presentations, both on stage and on screen. The theater was built in 1929 by Marcus Loew and designed by famed theater architect, John Eberson. The interior structure was fashioned after a Moorish castle featuring Mediterranean decor, including medieval carvings, authentic European antiques and Italian alabaster sculptures. Among facilities of its size, the Civic is one of only five remaining atmospheric theaters in the country where patrons experience a twinkling star-lit sky and intermittent clouds moving across the horizon, all while sitting inside the auditorium. If asked politely, Theatre personnel will sometimes relate the tale of Fred the janitor, a long-time employee of the Theatre back in the days when it was still known as Loews Theatre. Fred supposedly died during one of his shifts at the Theatre, which may be the reason why his ghost still shows up from time to time to complete his final shift. Fred's ghost has been seen all over the Theatre and in one instance, standing just outside the main entranceway. Fred also apparently has no tolerance for people who disrespect his beloved theatre, especially the bathrooms. In fact, Fred's ghost is said to get so angry over people messing up his bathrooms that he will sometimes chase or attack you if he catches you doing anything other than answering the call of nature in the restrooms. A second ghostly legend floating around the Theatre is the story of the well-dressed man. Although to be honest, there's not much story to go with the ghost other than he has impeccable taste when it comes to his clothes. But he is usually seen sitting up in the balcony, which lead many to believe he is the ghost of a former patron. Others, though, think the ghost belongs to a former actor who just couldn't bear to leave the theatre for good. The final ghost that haunts the Theatre had chosen to haunt the outside of the building rather than the inside. Specifically, this ghost is often seen wandering along beside the old canal that runs behind the Theatre. This female specter is thought to belong to that of a girl who lived nearby prior to the theatre's construction, during Akron's canal days. The girl apparently committed suicide by jumping into, and subsequently drowning in, the canal. Her ghost is sometimes heard to be crying and sobbing softly as she walks along the canal before disappearing into the drain tunnel that runs under the Theatre.

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