The Betts House

416 Clark St, Cincinnati, Ohio 45203-1423 USA

The Betts House is the oldest brick house in the U.S. state of Ohio. It is located at 416 Clark in Cincinnati in the Betts-Longworth Historic District in the historic West End. William Betts built it on his farm north of Cincinnati in 1804 on rural. It was located convenient to his brick yard. The farm at one time, extended from Central Ave. to Freeman Avenue, and from Chestnut Street to Liberty Street. William Betts was born near Raleigh, NJ on Feb 6, 1763, married Phebe Stevens, a daughter of Joseph and Mary Stevens, and in 1795 they started for the West. Betts died in May, 1815. In the 1830s, following the settlement of Betts' estate, of his property were sold at auction and the remaining parceled out among his family. Betts' widow, Phebe, divided the properties on the south side of the street among her daughters and a son, who sold a number of lots. Isaac Betts (1809-1891) controlled the family property on the north side of the street...Several members of the Betts family also built on the eastern end of the street. In 1848, Isaac built a 3-story brick house at 412, which was altered with major additions after the turn of the century. William Betts' house passed to his daughter and her husband." Today, the museum is a place dedicated to the study of building materials and traditions. The property is owned by The Colonial Dames of America.

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