Birthplace of Superman

house where Superman was created

10622 Kimberly Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44108 US

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Birthplace of Superman - The home of Superman creator Jerry Siegal. A sign and Superman logo can be seen on the fence, commemorating the birthplace of the Man of Steel and his creator. 

In the past, the city has not given Clark Kent and his alter ego much attention, even though he was invented by two boys on Cleveland’s East Side. But that is changing, as the city is slowly beginning to recognize its role in creating the superhero who stood for “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.”

In 1933, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster dreamed up the comic strip hero with superpowers. Both boys were from immigrant Jewish families and lived down the street from each other in Glenville, then a booming, overwhelmingly Jewish, middle-class neighborhood, with kosher markets selling Yiddish newspapers on nearly every street corner. At the time, Cleveland was the fifth most populous American city, and a forward-thinking one at that, being the first to install public electricity and trolleys.

Birthplace of Superman 10622 Kimberly Ave. Cleveland, OH 44108 US

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