Moonrise Kingdom Filming Location

iconic lighthouse used for exterior shots

Conanicut Island, RI US

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Moonrise Kingdom Filming Location - Conanicut Island Light (also known as Conanicut Island Lighthouse), built in 1886, was an active lighthouse in Rhode Island.

The light was built primarily to assist the ferry between Jamestown and Newport, Rhode Island. The lighthouse lies on the northern tip of Conanicut Island in the town of Jamestown, Rhode Island. The light was deactivated in 1933 and its lantern was removed. In 1934 it was sold as government surplus. The lighthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The lighthouse was used for the filming of the 2012 film, Moonrise Kingdom.

As the lighthouse is now a private residence, access to the grounds is restricted and the best views are from the water. To view the lighthouse from the street, take Highway 138 to Conanicut Island, and then take Main Road to the northernmost end of the island. From Main Road, turn left on Summit Avenue and follow it to its end.Rhode Island Bay Cruises offers a 10 Lighthouses of Narragansett Bay cruise that passes by the Conanicut Lighthouse.
The lighthouse is privately owned. Grounds/dwelling/tower closed. 

Moonrise Kingdom Filming Location Conanicut Island, RI US


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