11 foot 8 Bridge

Durham, North Carolina USA

The 11 foot 8 Bridge, also known as the Norfolk Southern–Gregson Street Overpass, located in Durham, North Carolina, United States, is a railroad bridge that has attracted media attention, including front-page coverage in The Wall Street Journal, because of the frequency of collisions due to the bridge's unusually low clearance. Overheight vehicles such as trucks and RVs frequently collide with the abnormally low overpass, resulting in damage ranging from RV roof air conditioners being scraped off, to entire truck roofs themselves being peeled off. The media has focused on video clips of the crashes, which are posted on the Internet for public viewing. This railroad overpass along South Gregson Street in Durham, North Carolina, provides only of vertical clearance. The -year-old bridge cannot be raised, because nearby railroad crossings would also have to be raised. The street cannot be lowered, because a major sewer line runs only under Gregson Street. Despite numerous signs and warning devices, a truck crashes into the bridge on average at least once a month. Most of the crashes involve rental trucks, even though the truck rental agencies warn renters about the under-height bridges in the area. Jürgen Henn, who works in a nearby office, mounted a video camera to record the crashes. Since April 2008, he has recorded over 100 crashes, and posted them on YouTube. In less than a year after installing his camera, the videos attracted the attention of a local TV station, and eventually progressed to international media attention. The bridge is only one of several under-height bridges in the area that trucks frequently crash into; however, the videos became viral, and brought this particular bridge to international media attention. , there have been no fatalities and only one minor injury at the bridge, leading officials to concentrate on more urgent safety issues.

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