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Memphis BBQ Company

709 Desoto Cove Horn Lake, Horn Lake, Mississippi 38637 USA

“world championship BBQ”

We forged our reputation in the fires of the world’s toughest BBQ competitions, winning literally thousands of awards and 10 World Championships. Since 2011, we have brought the flavor and style of World Championship BBQ to the public at our restaurant locations.  We have quickly taken the BBQ world by storm, and now have some of the busiest BBQ restaurants in the nation. Our Pitmaster, World BBQ Champion Melissa Cookston, believes in fresh BBQ, smoked over hard wood for hours and cooked fresh every single day. She has brought that care and concern to our entire menu.  In addition to our fabulous ribs, pulled pork and brisket that would make a Texan blush, we feature fresh, never frozen chicken, made fresh daily sides, and a focus on cooking from scratch.

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August 17, 2017
Rated 1.0

Today I and my mother went to Memphis Barbecue Co. for the first time and for the most part it was okay but there was an issue.  The issue started with our server Kirsten, when she took our sandwich order I made the statement "All burgers and sandwiches come with fries so for my side I'll.." She interrupted me and said "No, that's a side and you only get one side item".

So I chose fries and mom chose BBQ beans, for our sandwiches mom ordered a regular Pulled Pork sandwich and I ordered the Memphis Burger which comes with 6oz. of pulled pork or sub for brisket, she never asked which one I wanted.  When I got the check I noticed "Memphis Brisket Burger" was listed, that's not what I ordered but I was charged for the wrong item.

No big deal, I brought this up with our server, I showed her the receipt, told her I didn't order the brisket and asked her to correct it.  She said "Well they all come brisket now and that was the only option I found when I put in the order and the toothpick in the middle means its brisket".  I showed her a picture of the menu on my phone where it was optional as a sub.

She replied "Well our online menu isn't the same as the menu here" I told her "No, this is the Horn lake menu so its right" she paused for a moment, smiled and said "I'm sorry" and just stared at me, she didn't correct it like I asked nor did she offer to correct my check.  So I paid and left.

A few hours later I called the restaurant to ask them a few questions and tell them about my experience.  The woman I talked to was named Jennifer.(Very nice, very helpful)

First I asked if  burgers and sandwiches are served with fries and a side or served with fries or a side of choice.  I was told the latter, that's not made clear on the menu, most places give you two sides w/ a sandwich(even Tops BBQ). I was told fries are a "courtesy" and can be subbed for any side item and additional sides are extra.  That's not a problem but again it needs to be made CLEAR on the menu and in PRINT. SERVED WITH FRIES OR ONE SIDE.

Next I told her about the issue of being charged for the wrong item and how it wasn't corrected.  I asked her how could I tell if I was served pork or brisket.  She mentioned that it would have been marked with a toothpick w/ a colored flag and that all sandwiches have a "burger pick" in the middle(because their tall).  I told her I only had the "burger pick" and no other tooth picks.

Jennifer apologized for being charged for the wrong item and for my server not correcting it when I asked.  She then asked for my contact info so the manager could call me tomorrow.

In the end, good food, poorly drafted menu, bad service from the server but good customer service when I called the restaurant.

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December 10, 2014
Rated 4.0

Went to this location while driving through Tn. The food is reasonably priced. It was good portions. The flavor is good.
It was a little sweet, smoky barbecue with the sauce on the side. The meat has a great flavor. I would definitely stop here again in the future.

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