Corkscrew Falls

a lush and hidden waterfall gorge

19852 Ohio 664
Logan, OH 43138 US

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Corkscrew Falls - Although these falls aren't on the official list of attractions at Hocking Hills State Park, they are a well-kept local secret. They are located at St Rt 664 and Zwickle, about 6 miles from Logan. Turn off at Zwickle Road on the right there's a trail past a guardrail that will lead you to this gorge. 

"The Hocking Hills is a deeply dissected area of the Allegheny Plateau in Ohio, primarily in Hocking County, that features cliffs, gorges, rock shelters, and waterfalls."

Located in the picturesque sandstone region of Southeastern Ohio, Hocking Hills State Park encompasses some of the most scenic areas in the entire state.  Rock outcrops, deep cool gorges, and waterfalls are found throughout the 6 main park areas.  The pristine beauty of the area is enhanced by the abundance of wildlife found throughout the Hocking region. Visitors to the park can almost bet they'll see Ohio wildlife such as white tailed deer, wild turkey or even the cumbersome box turtle.

The hollows and caves of the park complex have long attracted the peoples of Ohio. Evidence of the ancient Adena culture illustrates man first inhabited the recesses more than 7,000 years ago.

Corkscrew Falls 19852 Ohio 664 Logan, OH 43138 US

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leodlavoie leodlavoie
St. Rt 664 just 6 miles north of Logan. The turn off is at Zwickle Rd.on the right side of road over guardrail is a trail that leads to the gorge
9 months ago Corkscrew Falls
jim-in-america jim-in-america
There are No Trespassing signs at the east side of the stream, but you can easily visit the falls while avoiding them.
6 months ago Corkscrew Falls
joe238 joe238
This place in unbelievable. This is a huge state park with many water falls, paths, and things of that nature. Plan to be here for 3 or so hours!! Trust me you will not want to leave this place due to time restrictions. I hope to visit this pace again. Don't forget your camera tripod and a extra battery :)
8 days ago Corkscrew Falls
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