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Outdoors & Recreation

Olomana Mountain Trail

Olomana Maunawili, Maunawili, Hawaii 96734 USA

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  • Hiking Area
  • Scenic Point

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 Olomana is a three-peaked monolithic land mass that is separated from the Koolau ridge line. Olomana resides in Maunawili Valley with a panoramic view of the windward coast, Kailua, Waimanalo, and Kaneohe to the east and a great view behind of Mt. Olympus, Lanipo, Puu o Kona, and Konahuanui. In his book "The Hikers Guide to Oahu", Stuart Ball
calls Olomana "Oahu's Matterhorn". Climbing to the first and second peaks are somewhat challenging and is considered an intermediate hike, going all the way to the third peak is a good deal more difficult and dangerous; it is rated an advanced hike.

 Of the three peaks, the first is the highest, clearest, and affords the best panoramic view of the windward coast. From this vantage point atop the first peak, the impressive sharpness of the third peak is plainly visible in the distance.In the foreground is the second peak with a nice shaded area. It requires about 15 minutes to reach the second peak from the first. Proceed down the hump across the saddle and climb the second peak. This spot provides excellent views and a shady spot for lunch and is a good spot to end Olomana hike.For those who are adventurous, determined, and capable, the third peak provides a nice challenge. It takes about an hour to reach the third peak from the second. Descend steeply down the precipitous back side of the second peak down at least three hundred feet. This is not for the acrophobic or the faint of heart--also keep in mind that you will have to climb back up this steep slope on the return trip. Test any cable or rope carefully--they are not maintained. At the bottom of the saddle, begin the ascent of the third peak along a very narrow ridge with severe drop offs on both sides. There is a large walled dike section with a "keyhole" in it that you must circumnavigate very carefully. Next you will encounter a steep rocky face with a cable to assist you. The trail contours along the mountain-facing side of the peak and slowly regains the ridgeline. After contouring a second time, you will then reach a rock face with a ledge Typically, there is a cable there to assist you. Once you pass this point, just a few more minutes is needed for you to conquer the third peak of Olomana.Keep in mind that no matter how far you go (first, second or third peak), you will have return the same way you came. Climbing back from the third peak to the second, and back from the second peak to the first are nice heart-pounders. The entire hike to and from the third peak probably takes 5 hours depending on your level of conditioning and the amount of time you spend admiring the fantastic views.

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Olomana Mountain Trail

Olomana Maunawili
Maunawili, Hawaii 96734 USA

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