Evergreen Vineyards

500 NE Capt. Michael King Smith Way, McMinnville, Oregon 97128 USA

“great wine starts in the vineyard”

In 1989 we started our foray into the wine industry by purchasing a Pinot Noir vineyard and have continued to expand our business with Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Riesling grapes grown in the lush, fertile land of the Willamette Valley; Oregon's internationally renowned wine country. We own and tend to over 240 acres across the Willamette Valley, including our Spruce Goose Vineyards located in front of the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. Our vineyards thrive in Oregon's unique climate, which fosters excellent growing conditions, longer growing periods, and beautiful summer days.  In tandem with the use of sustainable vineyard practices, we ensure the highest level of quality in all of our grapes.

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June 17, 2015

Evergreen Vineyards’ journey began in 1989 with the purchase of our first vineyard and in 2002; we stepped into the world of winemaking, with our first Pinot Noir vintage. We now harvest over 240 acres of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Riesling and Chardonnay in the fertile soil of Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley. Crafted in the French Burgundian style, we create our Rosie the Riveter Dry Rosé, Chardonnay, Off-Dry Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and our infamous Non-Alcoholic, Semi-Sparkling Pinot Noir Grape Juice. Our award winning wines can be found on our website, tasting rooms or at fine retailers, restaurants and markets around the world. A visit to our tasting rooms, located inside the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, is a must for any wine taster. Where else can you sip a glass of vino while sitting under the wing of Howard Hughes’ famous Spruce Goose or beside an SR-71 Blackbird? We are open daily and tasting fees are $5.00, which can be applied towards your wine purchase. There is plenty of parking and no Museum admission is needed to taste. Along with our vineyards, we harvest over 1,700 acres of Hazelnuts, making us the largest private producer in the US. Using our Evergreen Orchards brand, we have created a large assortment of sweet and savory hazelnut treats that are sure to keep you coming back for more. Our family friendly grounds are conveniently located just off of Hwy 18, offering 2 onsite cafés, a playground and picnic areas. Group wine tasting and Special Events are also available; for more information please contact or 503-434-4297. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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