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611 Market St
Metropolis, IL 62960 US

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Super Museum & Souvenir Store - In Superman's home town, Metropolis, across the street from the statue of the Man of Steel, sprawls the Super Museum. It is stuffed with over 20,000 items relating to the 60+ year old Superman saga. The Super Museum is the life's work of Jim Hambrick, who also owns the overstuffed Superman souvenir and collectibles store you must pass through to reach the museum entrance.

Jim has been actively collecting since 1959, and now owns over 100,000 Superman items. He originally lived in California and owned a traveling Superman exhibit that would do the US county fair circuit. In 1985, he decided his collection belonged in Superman's hometown, Metropolis, Illinois. For a variety of reasons, Jim took eight years to complete the move (it took an entire year to pack), The museum opened on Superman Square in 1993.

Super Museum & Souvenir Store 611 Market St Metropolis, IL 62960 US

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