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Warren Occult Museum

30 Knollwood St, Monroe, Connecticut 06468 USA

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The Warrens Occult Museum is the oldest and only museum of its kind.  This world-renowned museum has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the world.  Inch for Inch Their Museum houses the largest array of  obscure and Haunted artifacts. Items used in extremely dangerous occult activities and diabolical practices around the world. To touch one of these items would be the opposite of touching something holy, something blessed.

See the Shadow doll that can come to you in your dreams, and stop your heart! See the Satanic Idol found in the deep woods of Connecticut, the Conjuring mirror used for summoning spirit, the Vampire’s coffin used by a modern day vampire, Bare witness to a Ragedy-Ann doll which is responsible for a death of a young man, and multiple attacks on those who once mockingly came in contact, See Masks used as a Topa for Diabolical projection,  Child Tomb stones that were used as Satanic Alters, a Famous Organ that plays by itself. You will also see Psychic Photography, Pictures that would combust, and Crucifixes that were malevolently thrown from walls and desecrated, Egyptian, and African cursed items.. Death curses, a Shrunken head,   Possessed toys and animals, Voodoo, Fertility and other Killer dolls!

One of their most famous artifacts – The Annabelle Doll will be on exhibit. Annabelle is believed to be responsible for the death of an individual who came in to contact with it..  This doll also reportedly slashed a grown man several times across the chest,.She terrorized a family for months until the Warrens and a an Episcopal priest were called in and an exorcism was performed.  Although Annabelle has been exorcised several times  it is believed that some energy is still attached to this doll.

PRS Director Ryan Buell co-hosted visited the Occult museum while hosting a tour with Lorraine Warren. It is there when Ryan Buell first claims he saw Annabelle’s head move up and down startling him, as if Annabelle was nodding at him, as if to acknowledge his presence.
The Warrens Occult Museum is a place that any seasoned paranormal investigator or enthusiast in the world would agree, is a Must see. If you are looking to experience & learn about The Warrens, view Case files, and see over 5o years of Occult items that will change the way you see good and evil, then Warrenology awaits.

***The Warrens Occult Museum is currently only viewable via Warrenology events.***

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Warren Occult Museum

30 Knollwood St
Monroe, Connecticut 06468 USA

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Rated 3.0 August 14, 2014

Only the brave can pay a visit here. This place was the one featured in the horror movie "The Conjuring". This houses "Annabelle" and a whole lot of stuff which are believed to be cursed. Walking inside the museum definitely gave us the shivers. We didn't stay long, though. We got scared and just decided to leave right away. On the other hand, if you're into the paranormal, give this place a visit and I believe that everything will seem interesting to you. But if you're not, like my friends and I, better not go here because you'll only scare yourself.

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Rated 5.0 March 10, 2015


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Rated 3.0 December 3, 2014

This place was fun for a visit, but it was overpriced.

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October 20, 2014

We as Christians should not be affraid of the dark forces. -

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