Cooper Hollow Wildlife Area

5403 C H and D Road, Oak Hill, Ohio 45656 USA

“5,421-acre wildlife area southeast of Jackson”

This 5,421-acre wildlife area lies 12 miles southeast of Jackson on U.S. Route 35.  The scenic rolling hills are dissected by Symmes Creek, a small, low-gradient stream, and several of its tributaries. More than half the area is wooded. Oak and hickory are the most common upland trees, with elm, ash, and silver maple along the streams. Virginia pine occurs in reverting upland fields. Index of Ohio's trees from the Division of Forestry. Twenty percent of the area consists of reverting old fields with a mixture of shrubby coverts and native grasses. Wild crabapple, hawthorn, flowering dogwood, sassafras, sumac, and Japanese honeysuckle are important wildlife food species in these old fields.

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