Little A'Le'Inn

your gateway to Area 51

1 Old Mill St
Rachel, NV US

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Little A'Le'Inn - Filming Location from the movie Paul - Little A'Le'Inn is where Graeme and Clive stop for a meal at the beginning of the film. Also a filming location for The X-Files.

Pat, Bill & Connie, along with the staff at the Little A'Le'Inn would like to welcome you and we hope to see each and everyone of you soon.

There are many things to do here and plenty of trouble to get into if you do not read the warning signs posted near Area 51. We have maps, all sorts of alien goodies to sell, and other items so we can help you find your way around this vast oasis.

Little A'Le'Inn 1 Old Mill St Rachel, NV US


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gutermuthgypsy gutermuthgypsy
also in the x-files episodes "Dreamland (I & II)" from season 6
10 months ago Little A'Le'Inn
jim-in-america jim-in-america
$45/night basic room as of 4/5/13
7 months ago Little A'Le'Inn
giusi.dom giusi.dom
wonderful pl ace!
6 months ago Little A'Le'Inn
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