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Hyperion Tree

California USA

“The tallest tree in the world...almost.”

Hyperion is the name of a coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) in Northern California that was measured at 115.61 metres (379.3 ft), which ranks it as the world's tallest known living tree. Despite its great height, Hyperion is not the largest known coast redwood; that distinction belongs to the Del Norte Titan. Hyperion was discovered August 25, 2006 by naturalists Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor. The tree was verified as standing 115.55 metres (379.1 ft) tall by Stephen Sillett. The tree was found in a remote area of Redwood National and State Parks purchased in 1978.  The exact location of the tree has not been revealed to the public for fear that human traffic would upset the ecosystem the tree inhabits. The tree is estimated to contain 18,600 cubic feet (530 m3) of wood, and to be roughly 700–800 years old. Researchers stated that woodpecker damage at the top prevented the tree from reaching 380 feet (115.8 m). Traditionally the exact locations of this and many other tall trees in Western United States are not diclosed. This is done to avoid the temptation to "develop" this part of national park or simply - to prevent disturbance to the forest by the crowds of excited nature lovers wading towards the tree. It is only known that it takes arduous walk to reach this remote location in Redwood National Park. Although part of the scientific community is not happy with this stance (location of the tree is not disclosed even in scientific publications), there are many sad cases when sensitive information from deeply scientific publications easily becomes VERY public. But, of course, heated debates about ethics in science and personal intrigues form the prosaic side in the lives of scientists. The magnificent Hyperion stands tall above this. ***Location not guaranteed***

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November 03, 2015
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I consider seeing Hyperion with my own eyes to be one of my biggest life accomplishments. Finding it took months of research and multiple failed attempts, but I finally found it. There's no other feeling I know that can compare to seeing this famous tree. By the way, it is not "almost" the tallest, it IS the tallest, and the most current measurement (2014) tacks it at 380.12 feet.

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Tatiana Danger

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September 02, 2014
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Hyperion tree is one of the world’s tallest trees. It’s so incredible that its exact location is hidden. But, for those adventurous types out there…it’s located somewhere in California’s Redwood National Park.

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May 12, 2018

I find it gratifying that so few have found it in an age when seemingly the grappling in our society to make efforts to proclaim number one status. To think that this giant stands alone uninhibited by the chaos that would ensue about it's location being revealed, I find delightful.

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January 18, 2018
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Finding Hyperion was an epic event. Knowing how few have laid eyes on it , that the forest was clear cut right near it , not seeing any signs of a trail from past visitors, how Jurassic the forest felt, my wife going ( is that it ? , Is that it ? ), the internet search to find clues to it's whereabouts all culminated in the sheer joy and elation of finding it.

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October 14, 2016
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I want to try to find this tree but i would have to know a lot about trees

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