Trabant Coffee & Chai

Coffee and Live Music!

602 2nd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104 US


Trabant Coffee & Chai - Coffee. People. Community. We continue to embody this vision, serving only responsibly-sourced beans, making pastries and food from scratch in-house, hosting local art and events, and offering coffee related classes.

Reserve your spot in our coffee cocktails class!

Craft innovative coffee "cocktails" and master coffee brewing skills using four different methods. After watching how we create our house-made lemon-hibiscus syrup, Z will teach you how to craft coffee "cocktails" such as the Bru Paul (pictured right), a tart, rich version of an Arnold Palmer iced tea.

After your class, pick Z's brains for more ideas over an ice-cold beer of your choosing. Along with new coffee-making chops, you'll leave with a 12-ounce bag of Kuma Coffee, a six-ounce bottle of housemade syrup and books of instructions and recipes.

$50, Saturday 7/20 at 4 PM at the Pioneer Square Cafe.Email us to reserve your spot.

Trabant Coffee & Chai 602 2nd Avenue Seattle, WA 98104 US

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