Waverly Plantation

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1852 Waverly Rd
West Point, MS 39773 US

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Waverly Plantation - Waverley is a mansion in Clay County, Mississippi, 10 miles east of West Point. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1973. A statement at that time by the National Park Service read:Begun in the 1840s and completed in 1852, Waverley is distinguished by the immense octagonal rotunda which projects through the roof as a cupola. This structure combines ornament and technology in the tradition of Jefferson: the varied decorative treatment of each room is artistic and the lighting system, using gas manufactured on the site, was scientific. The antebellum home was originally owned by George Hampton Young, a colonel from Georgia. At one point, the Waverley plantation was independent, providing its own produce and meat, textiles, and energy. The mansion fell into disrepair following the end of the Young family line in 1913, but was restored by the Robert Snow family beginning in 1962. It's also rumored to be haunted by a small girl looking for her mama. Spooky!

Waverly Plantation 1852 Waverly Rd West Point, MS 39773 US

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Fantastic building. Fantastic property. If you have an hour to spare, it's worth stopping by. Especially if you are interested in historic architecture. Most of the original architectural elements are still there and are in absolutely amazing condition. Although the furniture is not original, it is period. However, the fireplace mantles, window panes, original plaster molding, mirrors, as well as the stair case spindles are all original; as well as many other aspects. The gardens surrounding the property are just as splendid as the house. It has growing in the front lawn the biggest, and old magnolia tree in the state of Mississippi.
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