Less than four hours from Las Vegas is a ski resort unlike many others. If you can get 200 people together you can rent out this entire privately-owned and operated Utah ski resort for just $50 a night, per person. I'm thinking this would be an amazing place for fundraising, or a high school reunion, the sky's the limit!


The resort is Eagle Point Ski Resort in Beaver, Utah. It boasts the "friendliest and most helpful staff in the resort industry, and has five ski lifts that shuttle guests to over 600 acres of slopes. In addition, the area gets an average of 40 feet of snowfall a year.

ski lifts

Shane Gadbaw is the owner, and an ex-banker, he's found that large groups love the "As You Wish Package", which accommodates 200 people for a meager $50 per person/per night. In all, the resort is $10,000/ a night, if you're renting it on your own. It's actually a pretty awesome package. Perfect for group getaways, high school or college reunions, company retreats, and even destination weddings. They even offer a kids ski school program.


According to The Daily Mail:

"The Canyonside Lodges which includes The Outpost Grill restaurant dishing up American cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a bar, two fireplaces, and five televisions. The Lodge is also the hub at night-time with live music and dancing guaranteed on Saturdays with a host of acts coming over from Vegas. The accommodation is a step back in time to what we'd consider a classic ski resort, with a village feel and an array of suites, condos, cottages and holiday homes, along with lodgings in Beaver City, a Mormon-settled town of about 2,500 people."


Okay, who wants to get in on this with me? 

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